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Why Give

We invited donors to share why they give to OLSH. Here is what a few of them had to say...


As I drive up the driveway to OLSH I am still filled with the same sense of attraction and awe as I was the very first time I set eyes on this very special and wonderful school. There is a quiet and gentle power that seems to draw one closer...to enter thru that historic and inviting door. Inside the students all seem like they care for one another, never once has one passed me by without a greeting or smile...but smiles seem to abound at OLSH. It starts with the teachers and staff who, within a short time, you realize are actually extensions of your family. The love and dedication of this group of leaders to what they do is only overshadowed by their love of those that they lead. Those that leave that magical door after their education, leave with a gentle wisdom that is unique, powerful and a key to solve all that awaits them in life. We give to keep this special school alive and well so that for generations OLSH will touch and affect the minds and hearts of all those fortunate enough to enter her door.  - Harry Giglio, Parent of Gabriella '13 and Rocco '15

It has been over 50 years since I graduated from OLSH. There have been many changes in those years – all very positive. What remains the same is the constant thread of caring (nurturing) by dedicated educators in a Felician environment. The solid academic foundation provided was vital in preparing me for the success I have had in life both personally and professionally, first as a nurse and ending my career as the Assistant to the President at one of the top ten technical colleges. I give to the OLSH Fund because I want the tradition of academic excellence and spiritual nurturing to continue in preparing future leaders for our nation and the world. -Mercedes (Motkowski) Rogers '59

It's exciting to watch OLSH grow year after year. I want to keep that momentum going. Despite so many incredible changes, the original spirit of the school has never changed. It still feels like home. I give back so students can be proud of where they come from and continue to show the world what strong faith and education can do. -Haley Hinds '04

We should give back to those from whom we have received to show our gratitude. Our education from OLSH has helped to shape our lives. We are here on earth to share our talents with our fellow members. Let OLSH spread its good news for many more generations. -Sr. M. Pulcheria Saukaitis '39

I view my donations to OLSH as an investment in the future of our community and Church. OLSH touches the lives of young people and empowers them to be active, productive members of society and, most importantly, a voice of faith in our world. By donating, we share in the vision and the mission of OLSH. -William S. Stickman, IV, Esq. '98