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Strategic Plan

Over the course of the past five years, OLSH has experienced a steep trajectory of growth and advancement. Building upon the momentum that has been achieved, our school's next strategic plan is primarily focused upon further elevating our status, developing in-depth plans, structure and systems; measuring our performance and outcomes; and strengthening our short and long-term financial position.
The Plan focuses on seven main strategic goals, addresses needs and suggests new initiatives to not only sustain the school, but allow it to continue to advance and progress to meet student needs. Here you'll find an overview of the Strategic Goals and Initiatives in the Plan.
strategic goal 1 with graduation hat image

Bolstering Academic Excellence, Student Outcomes and College Readiness

Initiatives supporting the first new strategic goal include the development of a Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Plan and a long-range Athletics and Extracurricular Activities Plan. The OLSH curriculum will be aligned vertically and horizontally and will include courses that provide students with greater exposure to global cultures. Options for dual credit enrollment with area colleges and universities, as well as AP course offerings, will be expanded. OLSH will be readily recognized and highly regarded for integrating the Catholic Church's teaching throughout the disciplines included in its curriculum, and will continue to enhance its 21st century learning environment through collaborations with an increasing number of community-based, national, and international partners. OLSH students will have access to Naviance, a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps to align student outcomes and provide a better resource for tracking and reporting these outcomes. An increasing number of OLSH students will gain acceptance to the nation's top tier colleges and universities. 

strategic goal 2 with word bubble iconArticulating and Advancing the OLSH Mission and Brand

To achieve this goal, initiatives include the development of content that effectively encapsulates the OLSH brand and value proposition, and the creation of a Comprehensive Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan, which will guide outreach to internal constituents, as well as targeted external constituents and markets, including new community partners. OLSH will explore collaborative and innovative relationships with elementary schools, high schools, and post-secondary institutions. Greater efforts will be made to increase knowledge of and participation in mission integration activities and initiatives, and OLSH will continue to provide formation for faculty, staff, and coaches/moderators in order to deepen its Felician Franciscan tradition. OLSH will demonstrate excellence in mission by deepening its relationship and level of collaboration with other Felician-Sponsored Ministries, locally and across North America.

strategic goal 3 with medal iconPositioning OLSH as a Premium High School Choice for Students

OLSH will increase its communication of "OLSH stories", student outcomes, and family satisfaction levels to targeted internal and external constituencies, and utilize student and parent satisfaction surveys to demonstrate increased engagement in and passion for an OLSH education. An expanded slate of activities and programs will be created in order to effectively engage greater numbers of prospective students at OLSH, from before their birth through middle school.

strategic goal 4 with instructor iconPositioning OLSH as a Premiere Place of Employment

As its financial position gains strength, OLSH will provide an enhanced compensation program to the members of its workforce that includes rewards for exceptional performance. OLSH will professionalize and systematize its Human Resources function in order to advance its employee recruitment, orientation, development, review, recognition, and retention efforts. OLSH will foster professional excellence for its faculty and staff through expanded professional development programming onsite, and providing ongoing support for relevant offsite learning and skills enhancement. OLSH will utilize faculty and staff satisfaction surveys to demonstrate increased engagement in and passion for an OLSH education, and create new forums for sharing and collaboration.

strategic goal 5 with building iconEnsuring Appropriate Facilities and Infrastructure

OLSH will craft a Strategic Facility Plan that includes an in-depth analysis of existing school facilities in terms of utilization, capability and condition; a schedule for repairs and major maintenance activities; and a vision for how the school’s facilities can be adapted in the future in order to best meet the teaching and learning needs of faculty and students. OLSH will create a Strategic Technology Plan that effectively addresses the school’s teaching, learning, business, operational and security needs. A component of the OLSH Athletics and Extracurricular Activities Long-range Plan will include the longer term capital needs associated with the Angela Activities Center, as well as the burgeoning needs of the school’s athletic programs. OLSH will continue to pursue safety and security-related professional development for its faculty and staff, and enhance protocols and systems that ensure the safety of all who work and learn at the school.

strategic goal 6 with dollar sign iconEnhancing OLSH's Financial Position

A Comprehensive Advancement Strategic Plan for OLSH will result in new donors, a 100% increase in the OLSH endowment, and steady gains in restricted/unrestricted funding. OLSH will explore viable non-tuition revenue streams and appropriate banking measures that will afford greater financial stability. OLSH will also seek partnerships and other affiliations that offset operational expenses. A comprehensive Student Admissions and Retention Plan will be formed to support the maximization and stabilization of enrollment at OLSH.

strategic goal 7 with icon of 3 people representing leadershipAdding Depth and Clarity to Governance, Leadership, and Operations

The OLSH Board will diversify its membership, expand participation in each of its committees, and seek expertise beyond the OLSH family. The OLSH Board will use survey results to increase opportunities for strategic governance. Ongoing formation and  orientation will familiarize Board members with their responsibilities to a Felician-Sponsored Ministry and add depth to the quality of their experience. OLSH will determine its capacity to meet future obligations relative to ministry financial, insurance, maintenance and other matters of importance. OLSH will evaluate its staffing, structure, job descriptions and key responsibilities in light of goals and objectives included in the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and make changes as necessary to ensure the Plan’s success. The school will monitor, report and celebrate progress made in fulfilling Strategic Plan and Middle States goals, as well as annual departmental goals.