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Strategic Plan

2014-2017 Strategic Plan

Pursuing Greater Depth and Distinction

The 2012 release of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools provided the OLSH administration, faculty and staff with an ideal mechanism for self-assessment, review and planning, leading to the recent completion and board approval of the 2014-2017 Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School Strategic Plan. The National Standards’ 75 benchmarks, grouped among four major areas of school operations: Mission and Catholic Identity, Governance and Leadership, Academic Excellence and Operational Vitality allowed the planning team to effectively measure our school’s effectiveness in light of best practices among Catholic schools across the nation. Additionally the OLSH administrative team actively engaged with diocesan administrators and peer school leaders in our region and beyond, as well as national groups and knowledge leaders, to assess our school’s competitive landscape, increase our knowledge of emerging trends, identify best practices and define OLSH’s distinctive competency. Past OLSH-led survey results and other data were also analyzed and fed into the development of the plan.

The result of this collective effort was a statistically significant, relevant measure of our school’s performance in light of the National Standards. In fact, in over 75% of the 75 benchmarks of excellence assessed last year, OLSH was rated as “Fully Meets Benchmark” or “Exceeds Benchmark”, with the remaining 25% of benchmarks rated as “Partially Meets Benchmark”. While our school community remains very proud of its level of achievement, we are committed to improving those areas in which we fall short of full effectiveness, and therefore the following strategic goals and objectives were identified.


OLSH Strategic Goals 2014-2017

I. OLSH will honor, uphold, integrate and celebrate its unique and authentic Felician Franciscan mission and Catholic identity.

a. OLSH faculty, staff, administration, board of directors and parents will ensure that the Catholic faith and our mission remain central to the life of our community
b. OLSH faculty, staff, administration, and board of directors will ensure that the Catholic faith and our mission remain central to their individual lives, and serve as role models for OLSH students and others
c. OLSH will partner, to the fullest extent possible, with other Felician-sponsored ministries in order to advance the legacy, mission and core values of the Felician Sisters

II. OLSH will enhance its operational vitality, developing and maintaining best practices in its key organizational units and related endeavors, in order to ensure the school’s long-term quality, sustainability and solid competitive position in the marketplace, and effectively support the diverse needs its community.

a. OLSH will formalize and staff a human resources function in order to advance excellence, promote wellness, ensure accountability and compliance, create and maintain professional standards, sustain our culture, and support individual employee evaluation, remuneration, recognition, growth, development and satisfaction at all levels of our organization
b. OLSH will determine and achieve optimum student enrollment in relation to our school’s mission and physical resources
c. OLSH will expand its financial planning and management expertise, particularly in the areas of budgeting, materials management, data collection and reporting, and investment management
d. The OLSH Advancement team will grow and diversify its donor pool, build meaningful relationships that produce higher levels of annual and other giving, increase the school’s endowment fund, and garner greater numbers of gifts that supply specific and direct support for student financial assistance
e. OLSH will evaluate the entirety of its physical space, and determine within in its physical campus and infrastructure, the best scenario in which its mission can be realized and sustained
f. OLSH will secure technology, software-based and other systems that effectively support its broad-based business operational, reporting, analytical and decision-making needs

III. OLSH will provide its students with an academically rigorous and doctrinally sound program of education that effectively and holistically prepares students for advanced study, is infused with excellence, adequate technology and other resources, and is delivered by an optimal number of talented and appropriately credentialed teachers who bring the OLSH mission alive through our students.

a. OLSH professional development and planning efforts will include integration of Felician Franciscan mission and core values, as well as Catholic theological and social teaching and perspectives into curriculum and day-to-day work activities
b. OLSH will continue to provide curricular and extracurricular programs and support services, consistent with our mission and Catholic faith, that respond to the holistic and diverse learning and development needs of students and families, through research-based best practices in teaching and learning
c. OLSH will create and maintain a fully integrated, guidance program that assures cohesive partnerships with students, parents, faculty and staff, and others to ensure that every OLSH student is transformed academically, socially, physically and spiritually, and achieves his or her full developmental potential

Our strategic plan provides a vision for the next three years and beyond to take OLSH to a new level of excellence, and add depth and distinction to our enterprise. It elevates our expectations for ourselves, and is intended to challenge us and serve as a catalyst for action and continued transformation. We celebrate the opportunity to renew our steadfast commitment to our core values and core purpose, and foster continued excellence in honor of the legacy established and nurtured for over 80 years by the Felician Sisters.