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Honors Theology IV Students "Evicted" from Lockers

The Honors Theology IV class is studying Catholic Social Teaching this semester. In order to help students understand and empathize with what it means to be homeless, they were “evicted” from their lockers for a 24-hour period of time, beginning with their Theology class on Wednesday morning. Students emptied their lockers into their backpacks and garbage bags provided, and were left to carry their belongings with them wherever they go.

While no other student is permitted to touch their things if left unattended, faculty members and coaches have been encouraged to get involved by taking belongings for the duration of the eviction, as oftentimes the homeless have their things stolen if they are not watched carefully.

In the past, parents and guardians have joined in at home by having their disinviting their students to family dinner and having them prepare their own food, taking their things if left unattended, or barring them from their rooms so that they have to sleep on a sofa or the floor

Through this experiment, students will grow to understand the plight of the homeless and develop empathy. Students will then write a reflection essay about their experience for Theology class.