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Inspiring Students to Have an Open Mind: Meet Mr. Zach Korzi

From aspiring engineer, to doctoral candidate, to law student, OLSH Math Teacher, Zach Korzi, did not have a linear path to his current career at OLSH. 

“I am incredibly lucky to be where I am and I try to always remember that. Not many people have the same support system to make all of the decisions I have made in life,” Zach said. 

A resident of Moon Township his entire life, Zach attended Robert Morris University, originally set on becoming an engineer. Realizing that engineering was not the career path for him, Zach decided to become a math professor. After graduating with a degree in mathematics in 2016, Zach attended George Mason University to pursue his Ph.D. 

In another change of heart, Zach decided to attend law school. He took the LSAT and began law school with the hopes of one day becoming a law professor. 

While attending law school in the spring of 2018, Zach became a substitute teacher for Moon Area High School because of the flexibility of the job and the opportunity to use his math degree to help pay for his schooling. 

He fell in love with teaching after just two weeks at Moon. He decided to quit law school to become a full-time teacher. Zach was hired at OLSH in the fall of 2020. 

"I love law even more than math, but the end goal was never to become a lawyer. I always knew that I wanted to teach in some capacity,” Zach said. “People might think I’m nuts, but I do not regret my decision to leave law school at all.”

Zach now teaches Algebra 1, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics, and he co-teaches TOIL (Technology and Online Information Literacy) with Mr. Tyler Rodgers. 

While he has only been at OLSH for one year, Zach has enjoyed getting to know all of his colleagues at OLSH. His outgoing nature allowed him to connect with his fellow teachers and learn from those who have been at OLSH for years.

“It’s hard to describe environments like OLSH sometimes, there’s something special here that is a little bit intangible,” Zach said. “Everyone knows each other and is so positive about teaching. The norm is positivity and support.”

Zach spends a lot of time with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law who also live in Moon. Zach lives with his 2 cats, Jason and Pauly, who frequently make an appearance in his online classes. 

Many people may not know that Zach is also a huge film buff, owning over 400 movies. He is interested in all aspects of film from theory and criticism to film history. 

In the summer, Zach enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and many other sports with his friends. While he is not a gym enthusiast, he is passionate about staying active and being competitive through sports. 

Zach’s competitive nature is not only present in his hobbies, but in his classroom.

“It’s an ongoing joke that I would make a good game show host because of how much I use games in my class,” Zach said. “I would love to become a real game show host if I ever got the offer!”

Keeping classes exciting is important to Zach because he wants students to look forward to learning about math.

“I was once told that teaching is like performing, and the more you entertain the kids, the more they will learn. For me it’s just about getting the students involved and excited to show up to my math classes,” Zach said. 

Zach uses his unique career journey as an example to the students. He stresses the importance of exploring different paths and hopes to leave a lasting impact on his students. 

“I try to encourage my students to not have their minds made up about what they are going to do in life just yet. Closing yourself off to opportunities because you’re convinced that you may do something later is not a good decision,” Zach said. “I know that I am so lucky to have had the privilege to pursue my passions by changing careers, so I want to pass that advice to my students as well.”