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Inspiring OLSH Students: OLSH Faculty is Talented, Dedicated, and Full of Spirit

As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week this week, we recognize the outstanding OLSH faculty. Principal Tim Plocinik commented that he is “truly grateful for all that our teachers do, day in and day out.” He noted, “They’re passionate about their subject matter, work to engage all students, and build caring relationships with them. Most importantly, they are inspirational models of our faith.” As these talented teachers carry out their work each day, it is clear that they are dedicated to serving students, providing a quality education and helping each student to grow to their full potential.

Did you know?

  • 69% of OLSH teachers have an advanced degree and 100% are certified in the subject area they teach
  • There are over 575 years of service to teaching from the OLSH faculty and staff
  • 71% of OLSH teachers (25) coach or moderate a sport or time intensive activity
  • 7 teachers have been at OLSH more than 20 years; 7 have been at OLSH for at least 10 years; 5 have been at OLSH for at least 5 years; and 16 have been at OLSH for less than 5 years
  • 9 members of the OLSH faculty and staff are alumni of OLSH, representing the classes of 1968, 1978, 1986, 1995, 2002, 2004, 2009, 2010, & 2012
  • 10 members of the OLSH faculty and staff are parents of OLSH alumni: Mrs. Jarocki, Ms. Long, Coach Mac, Mr. Molka, Mrs. Steuernagel, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Plocinik, Mrs. Donoghue, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Riale, & Mrs. Prevade; and Mrs. Woynar is a current parent
  • 2 OLSH teachers have also taught abroad – Miss Nolte and Mrs. Sgrignoli
  • Several teachers are also coaches of OLSH sports: Mr. Carothers (boys soccer), Mrs. Cvitkovic (girls bowling), Mr. Hulbert (football), Mr. McCarren (baseball), Coach Mac (girls & boys volleyball)
  • 100% of faculty and staff donate to The OLSH Fund, OLSH’s annual fund
  • OLSH teachers of AP Courses and their students earned $12,200 in financial incentives in 2018 as part of OLSH’s AP Advantage Program and the Notre Dame Teacher Investment Program
  • OLSH teachers have organized trips for students abroad to World Youth Day celebrations in Australia, Germany, Panama, and Spain, and other trips to Costa Rica, France, Spain, and Italy
  • OLSH teachers can regularly be found at sporting events and arts performances supporting their students outside the classroom
  • The Teacher vs. Students basketball game, an annual event organized by teachers that raises funds for various causes, is one of the most popular events of the year
  • 4 teachers work regularly in the OWL Center (in addition to the classes they teach) providing tutoring and other support to students
  • 100% of teachers serve as activity moderators for in-school activities that meet during the school day
  • OLSH teachers also serve as teacher-advisors, meeting with a small group of students on a regular basis to support academic and other needs and growth
  • OLSH faculty and staff commit to the OLSH Faculty & Staff Creed, proclaiming it together as a group in front of the student body at the start of each school year, demonstrating their commitment to Catholic education and the OLSH mission

The OLSH faculty is without a doubt an incredible group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to educating and transforming students at OLSH. “At the heart of the OLSH experience is the day-to-day exchange that happens between our spirited, dedicated and talented faculty members and the students they educate and transform,” commented OLSH President Terry Donoghue. “Without question, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School is blessed by the commitment of our teachers to this Felician-sponsored ministry!”