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Tuition Calculator

At OLSH, we know that the “sticker shock” related to the cost of a Catholic High School education can be daunting for families.  While we work very hard to keep tuition increases to a minimum at our school – and typically publish annual tuition and fee rates that are among the lowest across our region -- we know that the full cost of an OLSH education is not within reach to all families.

That is why, in keeping with our mission, we created a financial aid program at OLSH that has grown and expanded significantly over the course of the past several years.  And to go along with it, we have created an innovative, yet simple tuition calculator tool that can provide an estimate of how much your family may be expected to contribute annually to your child’s education at OLSH. 

It is important that you understand that the estimate you receive is simply that, and not a formal promise of support.  In order to receive an actual financial aid award at our school, your child must apply for admission and be accepted, and you must complete our detailed OLSH financial aid application through FACTS. It is also important to note that sometimes individual circumstances can also impact qualifying for aid, so you are encouraged to talk with us about your particular situation in addition to completing the application for financial aid through FACTS or applying for scholarships.

Our comprehensive OLSH Financial Aid program includes both merit-based (scholarship) and non-merit-based monies, and we encourage you to pursue both! 

We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices our families make in order to provide their children with a private education at OLSH that is laden with values, and marked by the highest quality and value!

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Cathy Neubert, Business Manager, (412) 262-6420, cneubert@olsh.org

Jessica Sellman, Director of Admissions & Enrollment, (412) 262-3300, jsellman@olsh.org

Please note, the Tuition Calculator is using 2019-2020 OLSH Tuition Rates and does not include fees or other costs.