Ring Day Ceremony

The tradition of Ring Day began at OLSH in 1954. The celebration takes place in a students junior year and is held in November, close to the 21st, as a tribute to the day the Congregation of Felician Sisters was founded in 1855. Customarily, students have their OLSH class ring blessed, however any ring can be blessed as part of the ceremony.

During the Ring Day ceremony, after a blessing of the rings, students are instructed to turn their rings. The turning of the rings often symbolizes a rotation from its inward position to an outward reflection upon the world, showing that, as graduation draws near, the student is ready to take on the responsibilities of an upperclassman. At OLSH, Ring Day symbolizes more than a blessing and giving of class rings. It is a day that marks a transition from youth to adulthood and from underclassman to upperclassman.