Support & Enrichment

The OWL Center

The OLSH Writing & Learning Center (The OWL Center) is open to all OLSH students for individualized tutoring. The OWL Center includes two "Centers" sharing one space:

Writing Center students are tutored by either Mrs. Desman or Mr. Rodgers, or a selected and trained peer tutor. During their writing conference students are provided with individualized tutoring in any writing assignment for their classes.

Learning Center students are tutored individually or in any of their subjects by the OWL Center instructor, or a selected and trained peer tutor. During the Learning Center conference the student is provided individualized tutoring with any subject for which they need help.

Students can also be recommended to the OWL Center by parents, teachers or guidance counselors.

The OWL Center is modeled on national college writing and learning center models. The following university professors are offering professional support to the OLSH Writing and Learning Center: Dr. James Purdy, Director of the Duquesne University Writing Center and Dr. Christine Abbott, Director of the La Roche College Writing Center.

The OWL Center is located on the second floor library reading porch.

Click here to schedule an appointment with The OWL Center.

The Teacher-Advisor Program

In addition to being assigned to a School Counselor, all students are also assigned to a Teacher-Advisor. The purpose of the Teacher-Advisor Program is to give guidance and direction to students and follow their development in social, academic, behavioral, and spiritual areas throughout their high school years. The goal of the program is to provide each student with an adult to help them develop their interests and goals and to encourage them to achieve to their fullest potential.

The Role of the Teacher Advisor:

  • To identify concerns and refer students to appropriate individuals and resources within the school setting
  • To collaborate and discuss concerns with the School Counselors
  • To help the student arrange for tutors if necessary
  • To help students to become aware of the various school programs that may fit their personalities, interest levels and talents
  • To act as a contact/liaison for students, parents, teachers and administration
  • To offer feedback to the Counseling Center on the student’s progress
  • To help the students to plan their academic schedules to meet grade level and graduation requirements
  • To set up parent-teacher conferences when necessary

Communicating Academic Concerns

If there is a question or comment concerning a particular class/subject, the parent should follow this procedure:

  1. Check PowerSchool® grades to see how your child is doing academically.
  2. Start with the teacher that teaches that particular subject to your child; they can provide more information about your child’s progress in the classroom. The most efficient way to contact a teacher is via email. Email addresses can be found on the OLSH website.
  3. Next, contact your child’s Teacher-Advisor.
  4. Contact the OLSH School Counselor.
  5. Finally, if all else fails, contact the Assistant Principal or the Principal.