Welcome to OLSH!

Welcome to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School! OLSH, a ministry of the Felician Sisters, is a college preparatory school educating young men and women in grades 9 through 12.

At OLSH we will prepare you to take your place as a leader and citizen in a rapidly changing world. At OLSH, every student matters: YOU matter.

In small classes, you will be encouraged to expand your skills in science, math, and technology. You will develop the confidence to think about, write, and debate your point of view. You will produce our morning television news program; lead our clubs and organizations; dance, sing, and act; and compete on the athletic fields. You will be involved, and you will give back to your communities.

When you graduate from OLSH, you will be an example of the leadership, scholarship, and service components that are part of your background. You will speak of the talented teachers who encouraged you and the great friends you made who remain a part of your life.

We offer you this kind of education because we want you to flourish, to do well. And yet we want so much more. When the first five Felician Sisters left Warsaw in 1874 to educate children in America, their goal was to do God's work. In other words, by providing opportunities to develop good habits and virtues, students would become people of good character. People of good character are those who will see that justice is done in our communities and our world. We see you as agents of good in the world. We see you "cooperating with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world," all for the greater glory of God.

Please join us.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart - OLSH - High School 15 Second TV Spot from Harry Giglio on Vimeo.